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What’s the #1 Secret to Being a Great Public Speaker?

Public Speaker Dallas TXEveryone loves a good story. The storyteller can share something exciting, the audience can hear something entertaining, and the mood is whatever the public speaker makes it. What, then, is the difference between public speaking and storytelling? There isn’t one! Storytelling is a public speaker’s #1 secret to engaging your audience. Any speaker can turn a speech or presentation into a story with the right practice and technique. While speeches may be bland, stories can hold an audience until the very end. There are four reasons becoming a better storyteller can make you the best public speaker in Dallas, TX:

  • You talk with a purpose.  Facts, charts, and statements can be boring, both for you and for your audience. If you’re bored, chances are your audience is bored, too. Talking like you are telling a story, however, can perk up your listeners and give your story meaning. Facts and information have their time and place, but your words should be used to lead your audience to your purpose. That way, listeners are hanging on to what you say instead of shying away.
  • You appeal to the senses.  Not everyone truly listens to a public speaker unless what they say is engaging. When you speak, be sure to change your way to talking to incorporate emotion. Whispering, shouting, laughing, and other aspects of emotion can keep your listeners engaged. Visuals can be integrated if need be and food, props, or other items can be added as well to create the perfect setup for your storytelling process.
  • You understand your audience.  Tuning into your audience will help you create a story that fits their style. If your audience laughs at your jokes, turn your story into a comedy. If listeners are nodding during certain parts of your talk, realize that you should expound on that aspect of your presentation. If you have trouble thinking on your feet, there are motivational speakers in Dallas, TX who can help you hone your storytelling skills.
  • You end with a bang!  There is nothing more frustrating that watching a movie with a bad ending, so don’t let your audience leave with that same feeling. With hints throughout your talk, bring your biggest points and best parts together in your conclusion. The best public speakers finish their speeches like finishing a book or a movie, leaving their audience engaged and satisfied.

While presentations may seem scary, going into a speech like telling a story will make you and your audience enjoy what they hear. To improve your speaking abilities, let Jason Graziani, the best motivational speaker in Dallas, TX, turn your speeches into a story for the books! Visit their website at http://jasongraziani.com/ or call (972) 992-1920.

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