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Six Ways a Motivational Speaker in Dallas Connects with an Audience

Motivational Speaker Dallas TXGiving a presentation requires a lot of time, preparation, and charisma. With all the effort you put into making a presentation, you want to ensure your audience pays attention and stays interested. With help from the best motivational speaker in Dallas, Texas, you can be sure that your presentations will keep your listeners attentive and engaged. Certain behaviors draw in audiences better than others, and with the right background knowledge, you can be giving presentations that your audience will remember long after you finish speaking. There are five things to keep in mind when giving a public speech:

  1. Give an outline. It can be easy for listeners’ minds to wander during a presentation, so if you give a synopsis of what you’ll be talking about, they will know key points to remember and focus. If you tell your audience you will talk for less than the time allotted they will be more inclined to listen for the shorter period and will feel like they have the opportunity to ask questions and stay engaged after your talk ends.
  2. Play up your tone. Raising your voice, lowering your voice, honing in on meaningful silences, and changing the speed in which you talk will keep your audience interested. Monotonous talks are the perfect way for audience members to zone out, so if you change up the way you speak, there will always be something new for your listeners to pick up. The successful motivational speakers in Dallas, TX know how to play with their words.
  3. Repeat what you say (in a good way). If you say something important, tell your audience members that it is important. Reminding them of the benefits of what you say twice will make sure they remember what you want to portray. Additionally, if what you say is important to understanding the rest of the presentation, explaining something important more than once will keep them engaged the whole time you have their attention. Repetition is essential for public speaking in Dallas, Texas.
  4. Tell a story. No one likes to listen to you ramble about bullet points and exponential growth. Audiences do, however, like stories that have a beginning, a middle, and that cliffhanger ending. By presenting what you say in a story-like format, you can be sure that your words will have an impact to those who are listening.
  5. Be unexpected. Changing up your presentation by jumping to a new subject, telling a random story, switching up your style, or even doing a somersault will keep your audience honed in on what expected and unexpected things you have up your sleeve for your talk. Listeners will remember the public speaker who whipped out an autographed baseball more than the speaker who had meticulously centered bullet points on his or her spreadsheet.

You put time, effort, and passion into your speeches – you deserve an audience who wants to listen! For the best motivational speakers in Dallas, Texas, let Jason Graziani help you connect with your audience. For more information, call (972) 992-1920 or visit their website at http://jasongraziani.com/.

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