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How to Overcome Your Fear of becoming a Public Speaker

Public Speaker Dallas TXPublic speaking is a fear for many people, and for a good reason. Speaking and holding the attention of a large group of individuals is a great responsibility. While it contains a fair amount of power for the speaker, it does not have to be a nervewracking experience. Instead of letting fear take over your presentation, working with and helping your anxieties can create self-confidence and a successful public presentation. With help from the best public speaker in Dallas, Texas, there are four ways to improve your public speaking skills:

  1. Exercise beforehand. Getting active is a great way to not only relieve stress but get out all of your anxious emotions. Doing something that raises your heart rate can help you to control that adrenaline. Being able to accept and work with the emotions that come with exercising can help you better reign in the adrenaline you get when speaking in front of an audience.
  2. Speak with your audience instead of to them. Planning to talk for an extended period is scary. You want to make sure the audience finds the time listening to you was worthwhile. Planning to talk with a group of people, though, makes the presentation less intimidating for you and more entertaining and engaging for your listeners. An authentic public speaker does not plan to speak for the entire time because audience interaction creates connections and reduces public fear.
  3. Remember your first three lines. The most remarkable journeys always begin with a single step, and any speech always starts with the first few lines. Instead of becoming flustered at the start of your talk, memorizing the first few sentences you share will help to put your mind at ease. Having your brain focusing on the exercise retrieving data from memorization will distract yourself from the fear you have when starting a public speech.
  4. Ask for help. Not everyone is ready to present speeches on their own, and there is nothing wrong with asking for professional help. There are motivational speakers in Dallas who specialize in helping you become the most successful speaker you can be. While it may seem daunting to ask for advice, the benefits of professional help will create self-confidence for years to come.

No one is born without the fear of public speaking, but there are always ways to work with your fear instead of against it. For advice, rely on Jason Graziani, a great public speaker in Dallas, TX, to turn your audience anxieties into confidence. For more information, call (972) 992-1920 or visit http://jasongraziani.com/.

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