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Motivational Speaker Shares His 5 Best Business Presentation Tips

Motivational Speaker Dallas TXFor a motivational speaker, one of the most important aspects of presenting is the use of visual aids. Along with many other business professionals, speakers and business coaches are always searching for the newest and most favorable trends to improve presentation effectiveness. For the past thirty years, presentation design trends have remained relatively stagnant. Overused templates and graphics can lead to boring presentations that may be overlooked. In the past year, many new-and-improved design trends have emerged, giving employees the opportunity to improve their presentations and, in turn, make their businesses more efficient. Here are five emerging trends that are sure to catch your audience’s attention.

  • Create Two-Way Dialogue.  As any motivational speaker or business coach will tell you, one of the easiest ways to ensure your audience is engaged in your content is to converse with them throughout your presentation. Programs like Prezi allow presenters to create interactive content, giving the audience the ability to move through various elements and ask questions along the way. Additionally, interactive presentations are life-savers when sending a presentation to someone instead of giving it face-to-face. The click-through style of Prezi ensures that your audience is actively engaged in the content throughout the presentation.
  • Tell a Story.  No one wants to sit and listen to a presenter stand at the front of the room and spout off statistics for ten minutes. The best way to show a clear picture of your topic to an audience is by using real-life examples. Furthermore, the story of who YOU are is important too. Companies invest in their stories to illustrate to their potential clients exactly what they stand for. Explaining yourself at the start of a presentation, as well as implementing real examples into your content, will encourage your audience to listen up and take an interest in your work.
  • Implement Advanced Visuals.  In 2017, the still image is no longer useful in visual presentations. As technology advances, we become harder to impress. Instead of searching Stock Photo for a picture, try implementing Cinemagraphs (photographs with minor recurring movements that play on a loop) into your presentations. These not only look dazzling, but they will also catch the eye of your audience almost instantaneously.
  • Avoid Overwhelming the Audience.  Often, presenters may try to squeeze fifteen pages of information into a fifteen-minute presentation. While thoroughness is important, there is such a thing as too much information, and it is easy to overwhelm your audience. Sticking to a clean, minimalist design will encourage you to condense your information and emphasize only the most important facts. That doesn’t mean you can only say what is on your slides. It just makes it easier for the audience to understand your primary focus.
  • Try Something New.  Gone are the days of relying solely on Powerpoint to create a visual aid. In the past years, technology has given us the ability to expand our design horizons, with implements like iMovie, Screencast, and even Mobile VR applications. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when preparing a presentation. Websites like Fiverr allow you to hire contract workers to create animated or live-action video presentations, and equipping your smartphone with an app like Google Cardboard allows you to set up and share virtual reality presentations quickly and easily.

Jason Graziani is a business consultant and motivational speaker in Dallas, Texas where he is the Senior Vice President and co-owner of the People Helping People Agency, a company dedicated to saving America through free enterprise and financial education. To learn more about Mr. Graziani’s work, visit http://jasongraziani.com/ or call (972) 992-1920.

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