To Love-
Since childhood, Jason Graziani has been motivated by a cause he calls “fighting for the little guy.” Having witnessed instances of the abuse of power both at home and in the workplace, his desire to protect those who might easily be taken advantage of often prompted him to excel in leadership positions. The team he currently leads, Excellence In Building, adopted the motto “Serve people, treat them right.”

To Lead-
Jason sees his leadership role as a responsibility to champion the growth and development of human beings. Whether educating underserved families about the financial principles critical to their futures, coaching entrepreneurs to become successful business men and women, or delivering bold and transformative messages from stage, he is in constant pursuit of building people into strong and prepared individuals who can tackle today’s challenges and create a better tomorrow.

To Be-
In an effort to not offend others, our society has adopted a view of political correctness which has silenced the boldness that was once exhibited in America’s leaders. Jason is a voice for individuals who want independence through free enterprise. He believes that rather than relying on education, employment, and government support, one can find success through personal development, self-employment, and work ethic.

To Fight-
Our nation faces many crises today which develop and worsen in an absence of leadership. From rising international tension, to hampering polarization over party lines, to the breakdown of American neighborhoods and households, it is imperative for leaders today to stand and fight for what they believe in. Jason believes that in the constant fight of good vs evil, one must make a conscious effort to fight for what is good.

Jason Graziani | Motivational Speaker Dallas TX