Jason Graziani became a firm believer in free enterprise while watching his family run a moving and storage business while growing up. Although it was a small business yielding little profit, Jason saw the possibilities of having a family business of his own one day.

Mr. Graziani recalls taking ownership in any employee position he ever had- doing the yardwork with his grandfather, being a top national salesman for Hush Puppies shoes at 17 years old, working at Coach Leather, moving furniture, tutoring kids, working at the USC Bookstore, and working for the Cintas Corp. Being able to perform at a high level in both blue collar and white collar positions gave Jason experience and extensive knowledge on what he calls the most important area to learn about: people!

While attending the University of Southern California, Jason observed a plethora of brilliant minds and hard-working students; however, what many of his peers lacked was the ability to problem solve and to lead people, especially those who were different than they were. He sensed his “edge” was the ability to solve conflicts and his natural ability to lead people.

Jason chose building a business in financial services, specifically retirement and insurance. He became a full-time self-employed agent at age 23, retired his mother at 25, and at age 27, he opened his first office in Oxnard, California. At 28, he joined Patrick Bet-David, CEO of then one-year old company, People Helping People Agency (PHP).

Within his first three years of his transition to PHP, he became PHP’s first co-owner, and became the company’s first Senior Vice President. In addition to being named PHP’s Most Valuable Player in back to back years, Jason has recently expanded PHP into North Texas in 2014, when he opened an office in Dallas with his two brothers.

Jason Graziani | Business Entrepreneur Dallas TX