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Become a Dynamic Public Speaker: 4 Ways to Add Humor to Your Speech

The secret to being a successful public speaker in Dallas, TX is the ability to engage the audience consistently. One way to do that is to add some humor to your presentation. Not many people are naturally funny, so how do you make your speech appear natural and not rehearsed? Here are four ways to add humor to your speech: Self-ridicule Exaggerate reality Give audience sense of superiority by downgrading authority Have jokes build on each other Public speaking can be nerve wracking and trying to tell jokes often adds to your anxiety level. Take your public speaking skills to Read more
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Update Your Dated Presentation Techniques with a Dallas Public Speaker

Presentations have been changing faster than ever with the help of technological advances, but what does this mean for your presentations? Following the latest trends may seem like work, but it has never been easier to help you to reach your audience. With help from the best public speakers in Dallas, TX, there are five points to follow to ensure that your presentations can take you through 2017 and beyond: Accommodate all formats. With people using screens today now more than ever, there is a variety of formatting to view presentations, emails, social media, and more. Using presentations and visual Read more
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Why Quality Communication In Your Business Is Essential

For a leader, understanding how to communicate is essential! These five tips can help you strengthen your communication skills in the workplace. Be positive! Using positive language helps the workplace stay upbeat and unified. Speak to the individual. Whether in a meeting or sending out emails, make each employee feel important. Be a good listener. When holding a conversation, don’t worry about what you will say next. Simply listen to their perspective and see what they offer. Be honest. Building a mutual trust between you and your employees is very important. Even if hiding something seems right, honesty helps everyone handle the situation better. Don’t be afraid to confront failure. When you discuss failure or Read more
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Jason Graziani’s Story of Becoming a Business Entrepreneur

Growing up, Jason Graziani dreamed of being successful after being forced at a young age to become responsible for his family’s well-being. Being told the road to become a successful business entrepreneur in Dallas, TX consisted of getting good grades, going to a good school and getting a good job, he followed that path. He later found that this isn’t the only path to success. Jason found his true education came from some of his early working experiences such as shoe sales, physical labor and graveyard shifts. It was there that he determined his passion for leading teams of people. Since Read more
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Four Tips to Turn Public Speaking into a Return on Investment

It’s no secret that public speaking can be considered the stuff of nightmares. The sweaty palms, the blank mind, and the pressure on yourself can seem like nothing is worth talking in front of an audience. However, just like anything, becoming an excellent public speaker takes practice. Jason Graziani, a respected public speaker in Dallas, TX, knows that you have the potential to speak easily and effortlessly in front of a business crowd to gain a return-on-investment, or ROI. Although there are definite investments when it comes to public speaking, the return on investment is more than worth the effort, especially Read more
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Characteristics of a Highly Effective Public Speaker

Dallas businesses looking to motivate and educate their teams need a public speaker from Dallas TX who can not only relate to the local economy but who also understands business operations on a national and global scale. More than that, a public speaker in Dallas TX needs to be able to convey strategies and ideas in a unique, relatable way that the audience can grasp and, many times, what will work for one group will not work for another. That means that an effective public speaker also needs to be able to communicate the same idea in a variety of Read more
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Public Speaker Dallas TX: Motivation For Your Work and Life

A public speaker Dallas TX can motivate you and your employees to do better, but they can also provide tips on your industry. Most public speakers have expertise in one or more industries. Public speakers for tech companies, financial companies and general businesses do more than offer positive thinking techniques. They offer advice on how to position your company for maximum success in your industry. Public Speaker Dallas Tx:  For Financial Advice Whether you run a financial services company, manage a bank or helm another type of business, a public speaker with money management and investment experience provides valuable information Read more
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Public Speaker Dallas TX: Get Motivated for a Better Business and Life

A public speaker Dallas TX helps people learn how to make their dreams come true. Speakers give advice at business conferences, self-help seminars and online to teach business owners and others how to improve their lives. Public speakers do more than give your employees a pep talk. They can answer questions about your industry (or business procedures in general) while motivating audience members to improve. Public Speaker Dallas TX: What to Look for When Hiring a Speaker When looking for a public speaker, be clear about what ideas you want the speaker to address. Do you simply want to motivate Read more
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Protect Your Startup and Finances: Hire a Motivational Speaker in Dallas TX

Many people are choosing to become entrepreneurs, and with the help of a motivational speaker in Dallas TX, success in business is becoming a reality for many. It’s getting harder to find a permanent 9-to-5 job for many people even though the worst of the recession has passed. Employers’ needs have changed, and part-time jobs have replaced many high-paying office and manufacturing jobs. Instead of remaining unemployed or settling for minimum wage part-time work, people are taking their careers and financial security into their own hands. Starting your own business is tough, even if you have resources to begin your Read more
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Motivational Speaker Dallas TX: Get Your Team Enthused!

When you need someone who can help you to get your team excited about a new project, or to increase their productivity, you should call Jason Graziani, a motivational speaker in Dallas TX. Not only is he a speaker, he is also a business consultant and coach. When your team needs a boost in order to get their projects done on deadline, you want to hire someone who will be able to get them enthused about the job they need to do. For more information, call Jason Graziani, your motivational speaker in Dallas TX for more information today at 972-992-1920! Read more