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3 Reasons GRIT is Greater than IQ and EQ for the Dallas Entrepreneur

Countless traits and situations make a person an individual. While it can be nearly impossible to place everything into clean sections, many group them into three categories: IQ, EQ, and GRIT. IQ is academic and intellectual intelligence. EQ is considered to be personal and emotional intelligence. GRIT is the ability to work hard and stay passionate about what you do. While having an academic background and the emotional capability to handle situations is crucial, people often overlook grit as an admirable quality. The best entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX can tell you that GRIT is what makes or breaks a person’s Read more
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Motivational Speaker Shares His 5 Best Business Presentation Tips

For a motivational speaker, one of the most important aspects of presenting is the use of visual aids. Along with many other business professionals, speakers and business coaches are always searching for the newest and most favorable trends to improve presentation effectiveness. For the past thirty years, presentation design trends have remained relatively stagnant. Overused templates and graphics can lead to boring presentations that may be overlooked. In the past year, many new-and-improved design trends have emerged, giving employees the opportunity to improve their presentations and, in turn, make their businesses more efficient. Here are five emerging trends that are sure Read more
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Motivational Speaker Shares 5 Tips on Presenting Yourself in Business

Having confidence isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to build a successful career. Jason Graziani, a motivational speaker in Dallas, Texas, shares five tips on how to present yourself confidently. Stand tall.  A tall stance lets people know that you have confidence in yourself and your presentation. Speak clearly.  A strong voice and good emphasis will catch people’s attention in a positive way. Make eye contact.  Whether you’re in a big or small group, eye contact will enhance your connection to the audience. Have an organized outline.  Knowing your talking points in a meeting or presentation will help it flow better. Have a call to Read more
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SOW ProTips From Jason Graziani Business Consulting Services Dallas TX

As a part of your business, you will at some point or another need to craft an SOW, or statement of work, to present to a client you are trying to close. While it may seem that the stage of creating a statement of work is as close to the finish line as you can get, don’t uncork the champagne yet. A statement of work can actually make or break all of the hard work you have put into building your relationship and negotiating with your prospective client. An expert working in business consulting services in Dallas, TX will tell you Read more
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What a Business Coach in Dallas TX Thinks About Gaining Knowledge

When you launch a new business, your mind probably goes toward ways to grow that business and to see it succeed. Even an existing business can use some help in the area of growth. Growing your business takes knowledge. Even though gaining as much knowledge as you can about your industry or how to grow your business is important, it won’t do you any good unless you actually learn how to apply that knowledge. Once you have mastered practical application of industry knowledge and tips, you will see your business grown in many areas. Because it’s often difficult to apply what Read more
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How A Business Entrepreneur Consultant Can Help Small Businesses

If you find yourself overwhelmed and in charge of a small business with no idea what steps to take next, consulting a professional business entrepreneur can help. They will sit with you and help determine your professional goals and come up with a step by step business plan to get your small company where you want it to be. A business entrepreneur will also go over your financial records and inventory and help any unnecessary spending. They can also help with firing and hiring and training a sales staff so everyone is professional and on the same page. Jason Graziani has years Read more
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Business Consulting Services Dallas TX: Small Changes Mean Big Results

Business consulting services Dallas TX is a must if you want to boost profits and expand your company’s visibility. A business consultant is familiar with the mechanics of an efficient office and offers companies advice on how to improve sales and make the company a more pleasant place to work. Business Consulting Services Dallas TX: Improve Daily Routines Helping your business perform better is about more than money. Even if you are making a substantial amount of money, your business will suffer eventually if you are overworked and frazzled at the end of each workday. If you’re tired and overwhelmed, chances Read more
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Business Consulting Services Dallas TX: Improve Customer Service

Business consulting services Dallas TX cover all aspects of a small business. This includes business plans, online and offline marketing techniques, financial planning and other key elements of a successful business. How you market to customers is important, too, as are customer service strategies. Once you’ve attracted a customer, you need to keep them engaged for return sales. Even if you have a great product or service, poor customer service can make buyers think twice about future purchases. Business Consulting Services Dallas TX: The Customer Comes First You may think a business consultant deals only with finances and planning, so Read more