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Become a Dynamic Public Speaker: 4 Ways to Add Humor to Your Speech

Public Speaker Dallas TXThe secret to being a successful public speaker in Dallas, TX is the ability to engage the audience consistently. One way to do that is to add some humor to your presentation. Not many people are naturally funny, so how do you make your speech appear natural and not rehearsed? Here are four ways to add humor to your speech:

  • Self-ridicule
  • Exaggerate reality
  • Give audience sense of superiority by downgrading authority
  • Have jokes build on each other

Public speaking can be nerve wracking and trying to tell jokes often adds to your anxiety level. Take your public speaking skills to the next level with the assistance of the consulting services of Jason Graziani. Call today to schedule a consultation at (972)992-1920 or visit http://jasongraziani.com/ for more information.

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