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3 Reasons GRIT is Greater than IQ and EQ for the Dallas Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Dallas TXCountless traits and situations make a person an individual. While it can be nearly impossible to place everything into clean sections, many group them into three categories: IQ, EQ, and GRIT. IQ is academic and intellectual intelligence. EQ is considered to be personal and emotional intelligence. GRIT is the ability to work hard and stay passionate about what you do. While having an academic background and the emotional capability to handle situations is crucial, people often overlook grit as an admirable quality. The best entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX can tell you that GRIT is what makes or breaks a person’s goals. There are three important reasons to prioritize GRIT in your life to achieve your goals:

  1. Overcoming obstacles. Intelligence and emotion are important in solving a problem, but most of the time, hard work is the key player in fixing or overcoming an obstacle. Without the perseverance to push through a tough situation, IQ and EQ simply cannot help you as well as using GRIT to persist through a problem. Especially dealing with business consulting, the power to work through a situation that requires rolling through the mud is a key factor in a successful entrepreneur.
  2. Creating powerful goals. Certain jobs call more to intelligence than other faculties, and some jobs call more heavily to emotion. Other jobs call mostly to hard work and nothing else. For a Dallas entrepreneur, though, all three of these factors need to come into play equally. No businessperson can create lofty aspirations without the ability to work hard towards their goals from start to finish. The more hard work you can handle, the higher your goals can become. GRIT is what turns a dream into a reality for any business venture.
  3. Building confidence. The ability to handle certain situations and still come out optimistically is a trait that is understandably important. However, obstacles can reduce self-confidence and can take its toll on a person. Working through tough circumstances even when confidence is low is a sure sign of GRIT and a sign of a successful business consultant in Dallas, TX. Overcoming obstacles is nothing without the trust that comes with it, and GRIT is the only way to navigate this playing field successfully.

Intelligence and emotion are key factors for any businessperson. There is no way for IQ and EQ to thrive, though, without GRIT. To meet with the best entrepreneur in Dallas, TX, and help your own business, visit Jason Graziani. Call (972) 992-1920 or visit http://jasongraziani.com/.

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