Hiring a Business Coach? Don't Until You Know Which Traits to Look For

Hiring a Business Coach? Don't Until You Know Which Traits to Look For

Business Coach Dallas TXMuch like a coach of athletics, a business coach teaches, encourages and elevates company owners and their employees. In short, they are mentors who can monitor your business practices and offer advice and support, accordingly.

Highly helpful and masters of their crafts, coaches help businesses move forward. Their knowledge and tools enable them to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Of course, their experience is a crucial characteristic to look for in a business coach, but do you know what other qualities make for a successful leader in this field? Don’t put your company’s future in the hands of anyone until you do.


Holding clients accountable is one of the coach’s most significant responsibilities. Another is listening to their advice. Your business coach should be the epitome of dependability and accountability. Punctuality should be a priority, as should following through on promises. When coaches fail to exemplify their wisdom, they can’t expect their clients to, either. This type of behavior can lead to an unfulfilling relationship.

Instead, hire someone who inspires you to become an elevated version of yourself. Someone whose personality, business sense and overall persona encourages you to make positive changes in the same areas. And having a coach who encourages you to hold them accountable shows they are willing to commit to your success.


What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate into success. A coach who knows all the right words to say isn’t the same as someone who has the knowledge and experience to lead a business. As such, you’ll want a coach who has had prior success. A coach who has the right tools and implements them effectively can likely take your company in the direction you wish to go.

Ask for testimonials from former clients, or request contact information to interview them yourself. Take a look at the coach’s numbers, i.e., company improvement rates, if possible. Having concrete evidence of a coach’s success is a good indicator that your business will improve, as well.


Some of the best partnerships are composed of people who complement each other. Complementing personalities especially holds true for the business coach and client relationship. Look for a coach whose guidance allows you to think at a higher level. Someone who helps you come up with new ideas and helps you put them into practice. Someone who can bring out in you what you didn’t know was there.

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