Why a Successful Business Owner Must be an Effective Public Speaker

Why a Successful Business Owner Must be an Effective Public Speaker

Public Speaker Dallas TXIt may not be as popular as peanut butter and jelly, but there’s one combination in the business world that always holds true: effective public speaking and success. When you think about it, who are some of the most successful people you know? Chances are, they are great at public speaking and do it often.

You may not understand what public speaking and owning a business have to do with each other, but the two work hand-in-hand. This symbiotic relationship means that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll also have to become comfortable with public speaking.

Show What You Know and What You Don’t Know

Public speaking allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You can show potential and future customers just how well-versed you are in your business. Talking with your customers calmly and confidently can give them the assurance they need to continue as your customer or hire you. If you seem nervous, unprepared or uncertain, a customer may not feel as comfortable with keeping your services.

And although nearly everyone wants to hire someone who knows their stuff, they don’t want someone who pretends they know what they don’t. A business owner who lies to customers when they don’t know the answers will lose trust and respect. Someone who is honest about their knowledge and is willing to ask for help when needed to provide the customer with the best service possible is more likely to be seen as trustworthy and respectful. Plus, admitting what you don’t know makes you sound more authentic when you discuss what you do know.

Prove You’re an Effective Leader to Your Employees 

Along with speaking to customers, you’ll also need to interact with your employees. You’ll want to show them that you can handle just about any situation, including public speaking. If you can’t address them during employee meetings or workshops with confidence and authority, they may not trust that you can lead them effectively. When your employees don’t believe in you, being successful is much more difficult.

Effectively Ask For Help

Starting a business or expanding a current one requires a lot of money. If you want to borrow the money from the bank or investors, you’ll need to communicate your needs precisely. Creating an effective presentation requires a confident and well-prepared speaker. Someone who is nervous or unable to convey their ideas correctly may give the wrong impression about their ability to run a successful business.

Not everyone is born with the capability to address a crowd, but it’s never too late to learn. Contact public speaker Jason Graziani in Dallas, TX, by calling (972) 992-1920 to learn more about how to become a well-poised speaker and increase your chances of success.

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