What Every Business Consultant Wants You to Know About Online Reviews

What Every Business Consultant Wants You to Know About Online Reviews

Business Consultant Dallas TXRunning a business is not meant to be easy, but if you are struggling, you may want to trust a business consultant to improve your digital reputation. Having an appealing website that is easy to use and interesting is beneficial, but reviews are also necessary if you want a healthy online presence. Considering a significant portion of reviews are left using Google, positive reviews can affect the success of your SEO.
Here are a few tips to improve your reviews and overall digital reputation.

Ask and You Shall Receive

One of the most important ways to receive reviews is to ask for them. Make sure all of your employees know to ask clients and customers to leave reviews for products and services. Of course, asking does not always work the first time, so you must continue implementing the importance of these reviews.

Send out reminders, through email, text, social media, and even mailers, asking for reviews. Make sure these reminders show how appreciative you are for their business. The reminders should also include direct links to your review page, making the process of writing and posting a review more accessible for customers.

Interact with Social Media/Review Sites

You can also improve your digital reputation by spending time on your social media accounts and interacting with customers on review sites.

Reply to all comments and questions on social media. This increased activity will make your social media accounts more appealing while showing customers how much they are appreciated.

Spend time replying to all reviews, whether positive or negative, as well. Interacting with your reviewers will show your appreciation in addition to a strong desire to improve your products or services. Having a desire to improve and grow is a critical trait in successful businesses.

Offer Incentives, But Ethical Ones

One of the most important things every business consultant wants you to know is that offering incentives for positive reviews only is unethical.

You can decide which incentives to offer your clients and customers. Many business owners choose a discount, coupon, or small gift for their past clients and customers after leaving a review.

No matter what type of incentive you are offering, make sure it is a no-strings-attached offer that is available to past clients and customers that leave a review, even if it is a negative one.

Online reviews are a great place to start when you need to improve your business’ digital presence. To learn more tips on increasing reviews and developing your digital reputation, contact the business consultant, Jason Graziani, in the Dallas, TX area at (972) 992-1920.

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