Four Tips to Turn Public Speaking into a Return on Investment

Four Tips to Turn Public Speaking into a Return on Investment

Public Speaker Dallas TXIt’s no secret that public speaking can be considered the stuff of nightmares. The sweaty palms, the blank mind, and the pressure on yourself can seem like nothing is worth talking in front of an audience. However, just like anything, becoming an excellent public speaker takes practice. Jason Graziani, a respected public speaker in Dallas, TX, knows that you have the potential to speak easily and effortlessly in front of a business crowd to gain a return-on-investment, or ROI. Although there are definite investments when it comes to public speaking, the return on investment is more than worth the effort, especially when you reach for help.


  1. Time and effort.  Public speaking means that you need to not only know what you are talking about, but you need to create a presentation that is both informative and easy to understand. It takes days to put together a public speech that accurately portrays what you need to relay. On top of your busy work schedule, this is definitely an investment in your life schedule.
  2. Practicing the way you speak.  Making sure you represent the face of your business correctly is no small feat, especially if you are unfamiliar with talking in front of crowds. An investment that will more than pay itself back would be to schedule time with a motivational speaker in Dallas, TX to learn how to portray yourself in the best way you see fit.
  3. Factoring life into each situation.  Though you may put in time, passion, and practice into your speech, there is always the thought in the back of your mind that your speech may not go as planned. The more you practice, though, and the more help you seek, the better you will feel about your public speaking.


  1. Satisfaction and self-confidence.  You did it! The feeling that comes with completing a speech can be compared to that of finishing a race or solving a puzzle – the hard work you put into a time-consuming effort has been finished, and you can fully appreciate your efforts.
  2. Free advertising.  Speaking in front of a large group about your business means that for as long as you are talking, you have the audience’s undivided attention. An engaging speech about your company can help create a buzz and get potential customers and clients looking forward to doing business with you in the near future. Plus, the networking afterward through social interactions and social media spark even more interest in your company and its brand.
  3. Industry feedback.  Offering a Q&A session at the end of the speech gives you great feedback from the audience on both the effectiveness of your speech and can provide a new perspective on the issues you are addressing. You can also get this type of feedback by being available to talk to people one-on-one after your speech. Other industry professionals may be able to provide new insight into addressing problems and better meeting the needs of current and potential clients.

Public speaking is something that needs to be practiced and honed, but it becomes a tool that reaps far more rewards than investments. For help about talking in front of a crowd, let Jason Graziani, the leading public speaker in Dallas, TX, help you to become the best business tool of them all. Visit or call (972) 992-1920.

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